Friday, January 14, 2011

Book of Questions #1

For a person you loved deeply,would you be willing to move to a distant country knowing there would be little chance of seeing your friends and family again?

This one is an easy one because when we moved to Georgia it was the same as moving to another country. Even another language. And because of the distance there was little chance that we would see our family for a long time.

But we did it.(It was Suzanne's idea) and we are happier and closer because we took this path.

SO the short answer is YES!

What say you people?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Let's remember Pearl Harbor
as we go to meet the foe.
Let's remember Pearl Harbor
like we did the Alamo.
We will always remember
how they died for LIBERTY!
Let's remember Pearl Harbor
and go on to victory!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm back (again)

So that last attempt at blogging went belly up pretty quick. Oh well. It is Thanksgiving here in Hawaii and I am by myself waiting for my fly date to return to Iraq so that I can make sure GI Joe and his buddies don't get into trouble while we are leaving.

There are many pluses and minuses to this deployment. The most important being that I can get my next couple of assignments the way that I want them because I have two deployment cards to play if it is required. Also with things going the way they are I can probably manipulate the rest of my career so that I never deploy again. And then there is the money. The almighty dollar has sucked me in again (don't think that I had a choice). The saving has begun. Now all I have to do is not spend it.

So I guess since it is Thanksgiving I should make the obligatory list of what I am thankful for. Although I am thankful for these things year round I appreciate that our country was the first to set aside a national holiday just for giving thanks.

I am thankful for: Family, Friends and Home. These things are connected in a lot of ways because I am staying with some friends who have opened up their home to me and taken me in as one of their family. I also have my work family who I am thankful are not jerks. (A year is a long time to spend with a jerk.)

So there are a lot of other things to mention but I better save that for another post.

Good night Honolulu!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Here we go Again

So today's lesson in EQ was about the scriptures and we opened up with a big discussion on journaling. This means that I have to give regular blogging another shot. I've decided to take the approach that no one is reading this anyway so it doesn't matter what I post here.

And I just realized what an unrealistic approach that is because you are reading this. Even if you are years in the future, you are there. We are sharing a moment of time across an indescribeable barrier joined together only by the thin strands of the Internet.

Well I hope that you are sufficiently satisfied. While everyday life is always a struggle the reward is looking back and seeing the progress.

Chandler got back from camp yesterday and he has actually been rather pleasant. Another week of listening to "at camp" stories, but it was worth it.

Jacob broke his other arm this time. The break was already healing (probably fine) but Suzanne thinks that they just put a cast on it to make us feel like they were doing something. Also he got a big sunburn so the big entertainment has been who can peel the biggest piece of skin off his back.

Adam is the destructor. He has taken to hitting everyone and everything. He randomly walks up to people and hits them and then laughs so that they know that he is being funny. It is not funny! But he also has his sweet moments where he does his cute stuff. The cute stuff escapes me at the moment but I am sure it is there.

Kammryn is my lazy baby. She will not walk no matter how quickly I let go. She will always lower herself down to the floor. That baby has leg muscles of steel. But she does her cute stuff too. She specializes in smiles and babbles.

And that is it for present children. Until next time......maybe.